Big Data & Analytics

We consult on and implement all your Big Data needs. Datalakes, Data Warehouses, Dashboarding and more.

Data is already an essential part of modern business, and using it properly has been repeatedly proven to generate incredible value for businesses. However, badly architected Big Data and Analytics solutions can easily cause massively inflated costs without many of the benefits that they should be providing.

To get the most out of data with minimal running costs, it is critical that the Big Data and Analytics solutions built to use it are well architected, and easy for data teams within the business to use.

How can we help?

We stay at the forefront of the industry to ensure that we can implement the best solutions for our customers. Paired with our wealth of experience in Big Data and Analytics solutions, we are confident that we can help guide and/or implement the best solutions for our customer’s unique requirements. Our main areas of expertise include:


A centralised store of unstructured, semi-structured, and/or structured data from all sources across the business that allows for more effective methods of analytics on the data.

Datalakes have become a buzzword in the industry for good reason as they have proven to be invaluable for any business with data analytics needs.

Data Warehouses

A centralised store of highly structured data, usually pieced together from specific sources across the business that allows for fast exposure of key business insights, and reports from across the company.

Data Warehouses are highly valuable for business and operations decision makers, but almost always cost significantly more than Datalakes.

Data Pipelines

Tying all the pieces together in data architectures often requires some out-of-the-box thinking around the pipelines to get data from X to Y, usually from around the business to centralised stores like Datalakes and Data Warehouses.

Streaming Data

Whether it’s real-time, near-real-time, or best-effort streaming data, it’s always important to handle properly for businesses. Ensuring that the solution is right for streaming pipelines is even more critical than most, as the data often rapidly loses value over time.

Fine-grained Access Control

Compliance and security should always be at the forefront of data solution architectures. The industry standards of encryption at rest and in-transit should always be in place, as well as implementing column and row-based access controls when they are needed.

Dashboards and Visualisations

Data is often headache inducing to look through in its raw form, which is why dashboards and visualisation are so important in the industry. Being able to see what is happening, and where allows for much faster data-driven decisions for the business.

AWS Service Expertise

We have spent our careers establishing our expertise in AWS services used within the industry. These include:

  • EMR
  • Athena
  • Redshift
  • Kinesis
  • Glue
  • Quicksight
  • LakeFormation
  • S3

If you have an AWS Big Data or Analytics project you want to talk to us about, then please contact us.