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We are an AWS Select Tier partner and provider of cloud-based analytics, big data, machine learning and DevOps solutions, helping our customers discover the incredible insights they can gain from their data and the efficiencies of automation.

Our Services

We consult on and implement all your Big Data needs. Datalakes, Data Warehouses, Dashboarding and more.

Machine learning, AI and data science are the hottest topics in IT. We can assist you in integrating machine learning, AI and data science into your workflows to improve your business.

We review, report on, and assist in optimising costs on AWS cloud solutions using our extensive AWS knowledge and experience.

We love all things DevOps and the benefits these practices and technologies bring to a business. We have the skills to assist you on your DevOps journey.

Our engineers are well versed across a wide range of AWS services and can assist you in migrating workloads & data of any size to AWS.

Who are the Fundis?

We are a team of technology enthusiasts and AWS certified professionals. While we specialize in Big Data and Machine Learning, we also have strong Sys Admin and DevOps skills. We swear by Infrastructure as Code. Terraform, AWS Lambda, Serverless, Docker, Kubernetes and integrations are key to help us deliver great value to our customers.

Who are the Fundis?

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We'd love to hear from you, nothing is too big or too small - we believe there are interesting challenges and things to learn everywhere!