Our engineers are well versed across a wide range of AWS services and can assist you in migrating workloads & data of any size to AWS.

For many years, companies have been moving from outdated legacy infrastructures to the cloud, in order to make use of highly available and resilient infrastructure and cut out the need to procure costly physical assets. Cloud technologies allow businesses to respond quickly to new opportunities, innovate and deliver for their customers rapidly, and ultimately be more competitive.

How can we help?

We understand how critical the migration process is and what is required in order for success. Whether it’s a lift and shift, a data migration, or a complete re-architecting/modernisation project, we have the skills on hand to help you pull it off.

Migration Planning

Our engineers are AWS experts, across a wide range of services and architectural patterns. We can work with your teams to review or build out a comprehensive migration plan and architecture proposal, ensuring adherence to AWS best practices.

We have extensive experience working with the AWS Well Architected Framework, which provides a fantastic mechanism for prompting robust conversations and visibility into decisions made, as well as any risks identified.


We can assist you in as greater capacity as you like when it comes to executing the migration plan. From consultative guidance to hands on building of the AWS infrastructure, our engineers are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Using our skills with infrastructure as code and infrastructure deployment pipelines, we can work with your teams to turn the architectural plans into real world infrastructure with enterprise grade automation and processes to support it.

If you have an AWS migration project you want to talk to us about, then please contact us.