Meet the Fundis

About our name - Fundi (pronounced foon dee) is an East African word, generally meaning one who is well versed in repairing/maintaining machinery. For us Africans, we use it in place of the word Guru.

Hamish Whittal

Founder & Zero'th Fundi

The Founder & Zero'th Fundi....the OG one might say. Hamish has decades of experience in the industry, is a published author on all things Linux, created the Freedom Toaster and is an all round tech fundi.

Amanda Sickafoose

Astronomer & Data Science Fundi

Some say she flew an F16 fighter jet over Nkandla. Some say she was a stow away on Jeff Bezos' flight to space. All we know is she's an Astronomer extraordinaire and data science fundi.

Stephen Hunt

Data Engineering Fundi

An all round Data Engineering guru. Stephen is a master of all things AWS Glue and EMR - if he can't help you with your data lake and engineering needs we don't know who can!

Alex Morton

DevOps Fundi

Alex started working with AWS over a decade ago. He is a DevOps aficionado and will likely bore you to death about the wonders of Terraform if you give him half a chance!

Hanno Venter

Data Engineering Fundi

Hanno started his engineering career in the world of IOT and manufacturing systems. He turned his hand to AWS Cloud solutions and has never looked back.