Big Data on AWS


Cloud Fundis has over 4 years experience building robust data solutions for high-intensity workloads all based on Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR). We’ve spent years honing the technical skills required of Amazon EMR that brings it home for the customer. As a Select AWS Consulting Partner, we’ve assisted customers with building their datalakes using a range of AWS big data tools. Aamazon EMR is one of the products we’ve used successfully to deliver smart, cost-effective data pipelines enabling customers to rest easy in the knowlege that their data are being lifted to the datalakes.

Building a datalake is a complex and costly undertaking. Using best-practices, Cloud Fundis have enabled customers to reduce both complexity and cost.

Having the experience in Apache Hive, Apache Presto and Apache Spark among other tools on Amazon EMR, we’re able to design solutions that help customers optimize for cost. As these are the backbone of many of the big data tools such as AWS Glue, AWS Athena and AWS Lake Formation, we can apply our understanding of Amazon EMR to all these solutions. Whether it’s high-intensity workloads you’re wanting to build, or streaming plaforms you’re after, we can deliver on these objectives.

We’ve built solutions for some of our customers that have provided a 10x improvement in their existing processes.